Someone I knew from way-back, when tested and committed professionals made the security-community exciting, called, the other day. I don’t know how he secured my number, given that there’s no GSM, then.

He suggested there must’ve been twist of some kind of conspiracy. I tried my possible best to hold-back the surging-agent in my chest. Instantly, I sensed his drift- the absolutely-outrageous statement the distraught father, Senator Na-Abbah, allegedly-made that there would be nothing unusual if the interests of over 25m law-abidding citizens in the Niger-Delta’re sacrificed for that of 200m Nigerians. You see, why I’s reluctant to let my friend proceed ?

Obviously, his intention’s to suggest that because an owl cried, at night,. And a baby died in the morning, the strange bird killed the child. In his thoroughly-twisted deduction, disaffection in region from the senator’s statement inspired by extreme-flush of bigotry trending in next-level, might’ve escalated into a death-wish for the Kebbi Senator from the people of Niger-Delta.

Thank God, same man called, subsequently, perhaps to do “damage-control”. Or rehabilitate his dignity which he single- handedly rubbished. As if in realization of fact that I picked the call with extreme-reluctance, he blurted-straight into statement: “when Gen. Danjuma warned about the superior intelligence-gathering capacity of terrorists, the deceitfulful establishment protested. Obviously, controversy has been resolved with gruesome killing of the senator’s son, in retaliation for his unrelenting air-bombardment of camps used by bandits, which’s politically- more-acceptable than terrorists”. I did not say anything, in return. Until he asked: are you still there ? And I’s forced to reply: who conffirmed Danjuma’s warning ? “You mean you can not see how they traced and strangled him in his home ? I don’t know if it’s relief from unnecessary burden of wrong accusation or sympathy for a friend in agony.

But his words’re pleasant, thereafter. Of course, I felt massive, after unmerited burden of suspicion for gruesome murder of Captain Na-Abbah’s lifted off Niger-Delta. But I’s not happy that a man lost a child, nothwistanding his obnoxious profile as vile bigot. Probably, the greatest reason for happiness was that inevitably, Nemesis, duly, paid mismanaged-country a visit to remind, especially bigots driving next-level of the sensational foolishness of imagining you can “rehabilitate a cold-killer” and also integrate him into establishment, without calamitous-consequence. Am vindicated by the thriving community of saboteurs in next-level who made the termination of Na-Abbah with extreme bitterness and prejudice, possible, as my friend gladly-testified !


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