Attain professional skills before ‘japaing’, FSD Boss advises Nigerian youths


Go-getting and diligent Omowale Ogunrinde is CEO, Field of Skills and Dreams Vocational, Technical and Entrepreneurship Academy, Lagos.

In this brief interview with FirstNigeriaTV’s Ojomo Olusegun Adebambo, she advises Nigerian youths on ‘japaing’ and sheds light on the activities of the institution.


*What prompted you to set up the Field of Skills and Dreams and what date was it conceived?

FSD was birthed because I wanted to help youths in my local church. The idea came about in 2003, and I held the 1st program in my local church on 1/5/2003 with facilitators who helped to teach three skills to teenagers.

*How has it been all the way, what are the challenges faced and the successes recorded over time?

It’s been a rough but very successful journey. We’ve worked in 14 states of Nigeria, training over 20,000 youths with amazing success stories. They are in good jobs, and some are self-employed, making them employers of labour.

*Briefly mention the various skills taught your students and give a few notable and specific instances of immense benefits to the students?

Core skills include  HVAC, Solar installations, Electrical Installations and Maintenance, Fashion Designing, Hotel and Catering Management, Events Decoration, Hair Dressing and Cosmetology.
Life skills include Mentoring, Goals’ Setting, Time Management, Critical Thinking, Precision Management, Emotional Intelligence, Citizenship, Basic Accounting Principles, Communication, Leadership and more..

*What are your support sources and how good and dependable have they been?

We work with many local and international partners.

*What new levels would you want to take FSD to in the near future and how do you intend to achieve success at every level?

We’ve been doing a lot of upskilling for the unemployed youths, but we have now started upskilling employed technicians to enable them to access higher level jobs in industry and have good progression in their careers.

*What parental advice do you have for today Nigerian youths, especially on the raving ‘japa’ mode?

Youth should ensure they have professional skills before they ‘japa’.
Skills will open uncommon doors.

*Youths that intend learning skills before ‘japaing’ could get registered with the Field of Skills and Dreams through the link below:


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