Aspirants Oppose Ortom’s Return To PDP


Benue governor Samuel Ortom’s planned return to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is causing ripples in the state as some PDP’s governorship aspirants have kicked against the return of the state governor to the party.

The aspirants operating on the platform of “Forum of PDP Governorship Aspirants in Benue’’, told a news conference on Monday in Abuja.

The Leader of the group, Dr Terhemen Tarzoor, said that the aspirants were not opposed to anybody coming into PDP but were mindful of such person’s character and values.

He said that while the aspirants wanted PDP to reclaim victory in Benue, they could not afford to accept someone of negative value coming to rob them of the chances of the party’s victory in 2019.

“We are people who believe that there should be value addition.

“This is someone who has not paid salaries for over one year and Benue people are not happy.

“The national secretariat of the party in its decision-making position, if they go with the philosophy of not recognising that all politics is local, then I can tell you we can lose.

“We are ready to accommodate everybody but let us not accommodate people who are of negative values that will rob on the party’s chances in the state.”

Tarzoor, who was PDP’s governorship candidate 2015 election in the state, said that if the person returning had negative value, the party should not go on believing that someone was coming in with state’s funds.

“We should look at the value of the person coming in because live is about credit and debit.

“He will come with the credit side which is money, but the debit side, we will lose election,” Tarzoor said.

In his remarks, Chairman of the forum, Prof. David Ker, said that while effort was ongoing by national leadership of the party to expand and boost PDP’s strength towards 2019, they should be mindful of the reality in Benue.

Ker said that they were mindful that it was in the interest of the party to welcome new members, but that it would be of more interest to ensure internal democracy and not allow imposition.

“We reiterate that a level-playing field for a free, fair and transparent primary election which has been promised us by the Benue state leadership of the PDP should be provided.


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