Amid Widespread Hardship Ogun State Gov’t Disburses N10,000 Cash Rewards to Students in Need


The Ogun State government has begun disbursing N10,000 cash rewards to 100,000 primary and secondary school students across more than 2,000 public schools in the state’s four divisions.

This was posted via the official X handle platform of Ogun State government on Wednesday, 14th March, 2024.

This payout is a realization of Governor Prince @dabiodunMFR’s commitment to provide N10,000 to underprivileged pupils and students attending primary and secondary schools in the state.

Monitoring the distribution process at various schools in Abeokuta, the Commissioner for Education, Science, and Technology, @ProfArigbabuaa, underscored the governor’s intention to alleviate the financial strain on families amid the prevailing economic challenges.

“The governor has adopted multiple strategies to alleviate the burden on the people of the state, recognizing the crucial roles of the health and education sectors in reaching the populace,” stated Prof. Arigbabu.

“Through the education sector, we can effectively extend assistance to those in need, which is why 100,000 learners across our state’s schools will each receive N10,000.”

Explaining the distribution method, Prof. Arigbabu mentioned that payments would be made directly to parents since many students lack bank accounts due to their age. “By conveying the governor’s message to parents, they are simultaneously receiving alerts for payment,” he clarified. “This gesture is aimed at supporting parents in fulfilling their children’s needs.”

Regarding the selection process, the commissioner affirmed its objectivity, highlighting the involvement of teachers who are intimately familiar with their students’ circumstances. “We have entrusted teachers with identifying indigent students as they are closest to them,”

He explained. “These students are easily recognised through various indicators such as lack of shoes, torn uniforms, insufficient exercise books, and inability to purchase textbooks.”

Prof. Arigbabu also disclosed that 50,000 students from Ogun State enrolled in both public and private tertiary institutions have been enlisted to receive N50,000 each.

The payment has already commenced, with approximately 20,000 students slated to be covered by week’s end.

He said, ”We have started with about 20,000 students to be covered by the end of the week.

“At the tertiary level, we are giving out N50,000 to each student. We have captured 50,000 students from all the tertiary institutions whose details were submitted to us after we wrote to the Vice Chancellors, Rectors, and Provosts.

“We are paying directly to the students to ensure that the money get to them. We started payment last week, and we have paid over 10,000 students, and before the end of this week, we would have paid 20,000.”

Source : Nigerian Tribune


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