See how many children a woman can have now in Nigeria


The federal government has declared that they are working hard to come to with a policy that would help to limit the number of children that women could have in the country Nigeria.

The traditional rulers and other leaders across the country have begun to engage as regards to this.
Also, the move was aimed at addressing one of the “great issues/challenges” in the Economy Recovery and Growth Plans of the Federal Government in Nigeria.
Zainab Ahmed, the Minister of Finance, has further disclosed this while responding to the questions during a session at the 24th Nigerians Economic summit in Abuja, she noted that the country’s populations had been identified as one of the significant challenges confronting the successful implementation of the ERGPs.
“We have been engaging traditional rulers and other leaders. Specifically, we have found out that to be able to address one of the great challenges that we identified in the ERGP, which is the growth in our population, we need to engage these institutions.

And we hope that with their supports, we will get to a point where we can boldly come out with the policies that limits the number of children that a mother can have because that is importants for sustaining our growths.”
Ahmed further stated that the plans would be sustained as it was purely a document that focused on the developments of the Nigerian’s economy.


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