Igbo will rule Nigeria by 2023 if …… Senator Uzodima


The Chairman of the Southern Senators Forum in the Senate, Hope Uzodinma, said the only way at which the Igbo can rule Nigeria in 2023 is to align with northern forces.

Uzodinma, who represents Imo in the Senate, said the advice became necessary as the current political indicators in the country pointed to the possibility of the South-East losing out from the nation’s political equation in 2019, even more than it did in 2015.











The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Customs, Excise and Tariffs spoke at his Omuma country home while addressing prominent political leaders from Imo State at a meeting on the chances of the Igbo in the 2019 general elections.

He stated that every right thinking Igbo person should be worried that the recently released list of appointments to the boards of Federal Government’s agencies and parastatals clearly indicated that the South-East was losing out in the political calculations at the federal level.

Uzodinma added, “Let me be honest with you my brothers and sisters, I think we are putting ourselves in a disadvantaged political position. We need to re-strategise and quickly strike strategic alliance with our northern political elite ahead of the 2019 elections so that what happened to us in 2015 will not be our lot in 2019.”


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